Monday, June 29, 2020

Statement Regarding Matt Hayward

In my forthcoming book Writing in the Dark, I include mini-interviews with a number of horror authors, editors, and publishers. One of these mini-interviews was with Matt Hayward. In light of recent events regarding Hayward and in support of the women that have been affected by his harassment, I’m removing Hayward’s mini-interview from Writing in the Dark. It’s too late to remove the material from the majority of pre-orders, and for that I apologize. My publisher Raw Dog Screaming Press will strive to make every effort to remove this material in e-book and print in titles not preordered and from all editions moving forward. To be clear, it's only books preordered through other retailers that can't be changed at this stage. People who preorder directly from RDSP will get the corrected copy. If you receive a copy of the book that includes Hayward’s mini-interview and would like to exchange it, you can mail it to RDSP and they will exchange it for the edition with the corrected text.

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